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If you and your spouse agree on the terms for your Alabama Uncontested Divorce, we will prepare your Alabama divorce forms and deliver them to you for filing within three business days! All you have to do is file your divorce and then appear in court to have your divorce finalized. IT REALLY IS THAT SIMPLE! Our skilled paralegals will prepare your cheap Alabam uncontested divorce forms using the latest court approved forms for the county you are filing in. Our documents are attorney- approved and are GUARANTEED to be accepted for filing or your money back!

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How long does it take to get a cheap Divorce in Alabama?

In Alabama you can obtain an uncontested divorce in as little as thirty (30) days. If a settlement agreement is filed with your divorce petition, a judge can sign a Judgement for a divorce after thirty days have passed from the date of filing the divorce petition. The filing fee for a divorce without minor children in Alabama is $290. The filing fee is $390 with minor children. Even if there are minor children your Alabama uncontested divorce can still be finalized after thirty days from the date that your divorce petition is filed.

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Having your divorce papers Prepared Online and filing your own divorce is legal in all 50 states!

Do you need a cheap divorce in Alabama? Here is what you should know...

What are grounds for divorce in Alabama?

There are two no-fault grounds for divorce in Alabama. You can file a no-fault divorce, with the grounds either “incompatibility of temperament” or “irretrievable breakdown” of the marriage. One spouse needs to testify as proof of the incompatibility or breakdown of the marriage. This way you can get a cheap Alabama divorce without either spouse admitting that he or she did anything wrong. Both of these grounds for divorce mean that you can no longer get along as husband and wife and the marriage is not salvageable.

What if I cannot find my spouse to sign the divorce papers?

(Alabama Missing Spouse Divorce)

If you cannot locate your spouse, you may still obtain a Alabama Divorce by Publication- even if there were children born from the marriage. To obtain a Alabama Divorce by Publication you must run a legal notice in your local newspaper in order to serve your spouse. After the legal notice has been published in your local newspaper, your spouse will be considered legally served, and you can get your divorce finalized. Likewise, if your spouse has abandoned you or is a fugitive from justice, the divorce by publication is an option for you in Alabama. If you cannot locate your spouse and want a divorce, or if your spouse is incarcerated, contact us today and we will prepare your divorce by publication and the legal notice to be placed in the newspaper.

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